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Covid Close Downs!

Hey All, just wanted to say hi to all the folks out there who love to go to live shows, and who love to perform live shows... this is a tough time, it seems like lock down has gone on forever, but also like it's just starting. So we in the arts are having a hard time expressing ourselves, but do not fear, there is always the written word.

I miss singing, and although I do get stressed every time I play out, I do miss seeing and singing for all the beautiful folks that support live music. I love when people sing along with me, I love when people request songs, and even more so when they want to hear one of my own songs. It is a nice time to reflect and appreciate all that we are blessed with and a good time to decide how to do things differently when it all opens up again! That time will come soon until then,

Stay safe and stay happy.


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