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Hi Folks!!! New Album coming soon!!!

This past year has been a wild ride!! Studio was closed and so the album was put on hold. To be honest I was kinda stuck on a couple songs so the break to reflect was in perfect time. I am back at it now and the album is coming together and will be out by December!!! Please email me I'll put you down for a hardcopy cd!!

So nice meeting everyone this past summer at the Cobourg Farmer's market! one of the only venues that were open for artists! I loved every minute of it singing to the Vendors, the friends and family that came out and to the passers by. What a great feeling to be back singing again to actual people and smiling faces, after a good year and a half dealing with Covid!

We are mighty once we join together and I am so proud of us as a Nation the way we pulled through this pandemic! I know there is still work to do, but just look how far we have come!

I love you all and stay safe! Cheryl

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